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“When I started in the industry 15 years ago, terraces were last on the list. Since then, we’ve really seen that change and now there’s a real perceived value in outdoor space – it’s become an extension of living space”, comments the distinguished luxury interior designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell, proprietor of Fiona Barratt Interiors. She continues: “As well as this, the advancements in technology have caused the industry to evolve hugely and terraces have filtered through to all levels of the market and the added value is huge.”

Building on their hard-earned status as enthusiastic contributors to the enhancement and expansion of attractive outdoor living spaces, Kinley boldly staged an event at the top of the prestigious ‘Gherkin’ venue in the City of London. A number of selected invitees had a combined launch and consulting session on the Kinley terrace system and as a special guest speaker, Barratt-Campbell was invited to give us her views on this area.

Barratt-Campbell went on to say: “The finishes on Kinley’s products are what I love the most about them. The use of a modular terrace system is also fantastic. It’s extremely flexible at a low price point. The system itself requires very little maintenance, which is absolutely key in today’s industry. I also love that you can tailor the system to be what you want and need. High end customers always want something that is bespoke so this approach to the system is critical.”

For Kinley, this ringing endorsement of their core strategy vindicates the focus of their research and development which commenced nearly ten years ago. The displacement of unsustainable traditional hard landscape edgings by recycled and recyclable ExcelEdge aluminium products offers greater flexibility and far easier installation, as well as transforming the visual appeal.

Kinley’s reputation for listening to the challenges facing architectural and landscaping professionals, researching solutions and developing innovative, practical and cost effective solutions led on to contemporary composite and porcelain decking.

Construction industry trends are further dictating Kinley’s urgent development of elegant, versatile and cost effective decking support systems. The modular, BIM compliant, whole terrace package deals are applicable to all levels of demand from affordable apartments to the bespoke requirements of the highest specification projects.

The Gherkin event was projected as a preliminary airing of the Raaft decking support kits. The Kinley Sales and Marketing team were, however, greatly encouraged to detect the enthusiastic recognition of Kinley, by leading professional specifiers, as pioneering innovators in this rapidly changing industry.

The Kinley development programme aims to establish the company as the essential and most reliable source of guidance, design assistance and elegant solutions to all hard landscaping challenges.

Our new terrace system launches this year. To find out more about the terrace system and its collection of products, please visit: If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team about this system in more depth and discuss your individual specifications please call us on +44 (0)1580 830688 or email


Photo: Adolfo Harrison Gardens

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