Client: Sky plc

Landscape architect: Alexandra Steed Urban

Landscape contractor: P.J Carey

Materials supplied: AluExcel 65mm and AluExcel 100mm

About the project

The Sky Campus is located in Osterley, West London and is home to the company’s headquarters and media broadcasting studios. The site has been undergoing large-scale redevelopment in order to bring 8,000 staff together on one site. A key part of the project was the construction of a new meeting centre called ‘The Hub’ and the ‘Believe in Better Building’. Alexandra Steed Urban was tasked with designing the outdoor landscape between both buildings and chose Kinley’s AluExcel edging to help create paths featured in the area.

Project details

The ‘Believe in Better Building’ is designed to be a mixed-use building with office areas and space for the renowned Sky Academy. Construction of the building was planned for completion in less than a year and the development and its surrounding external areas were required to meet clear environmental and social objectives. The client believed that the provision of green spaces, both inside and outside, were key features in its commitment to the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors.

Alexandra Steed Urban, the landscape design team, took inspiration from Sky’s core business value to “Believe in Better” and created an engaging environment, with choice of activity that fosters connections between people. The resulting landscape offers an exceptional high-quality design that offers good economic, environmental and social value that will be durable and timeless.

Project challenges

Construction works on the landscape took place whilst the buildings were already operational. This meant that extensive planning was required by landscape contractor P.J Carey to ensure there was minimal disruption to Sky employees. Work was also carried out amongst a number of Sky broadcasting cables and live data cables, so care and precision was essential. Special permission was also required for work to be carried out with no disruption to services.

Due to the scale and complexity of the project, the landscape masterplan was divided into nine project phases all of which required consistent, high quality materials and finishes. The Alexandra Steed Urban team were given the challenging task of selecting an edging system that would be elegant, strong and discreet. It found that AluExcel had the product attributes necessary for an edging system to work successfully in the external areas surrounding Sky HQ.

Kinley’s involvement

AluExcel fitted the client’s brief as it is a sustainable material made from 100% recycled aluminium. AluExcel is a versatile material and provides a sleek edging support for a number of paving materials.

The AluExcel range fitted the landscape architect’s brief perfectly and proved to be easy to install on both curves and straight paths, alongside hard materials ranging from loose gravels, natural stone paving of various colours and textures and expansive planted areas. Alexandra Steed Urban chose to use both AluExcel 65mm and AluExcel 100mm throughout the development.

Rebecca Orr, of Alexandra Steed Urban, the Landscape Architect for the project:

“The team at Alexandra Steed Urban recognises the importance of engaging with leading suppliers and specialists on every aspect of the project. The edging was no different. Kinley was willing to offer expert knowledge during the early stages of the project all the way through to site completion. As a result of this collaborative effort, the reaction from the client and wider team has been overwhelmingly positive.”

 Stuart Bowie, Director of Kinley:

“This was a great project for Kinley to be involved in. Alexandra Steed Urban’s vision for the landscape was a brilliant reflection of Sky’s core values. The team created an outstanding outside space for Sky to benefit from, for many years to come. The addition of AluExcel to the project ensures that all paths have a durable edging support that is capable of withstanding the large amounts of foot traffic expected to pass through the outdoor area and between Sky HQ’s buildings.”

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